Titties and Wigglies;
Pastel Tentacles;

A commission Im working on. So tired


Time for a celebration! I reached 2000 followers here on my art blog! Gosh I’m just so moved to continue having people join me in my artistic journey through life. Thank you so much to the new people as well as the old people who have both followed and supported me and my freelancing endeavours. It means the world to me.

Now for some art raffle fun! It’s fairly simple. Reblogs are how you get entered. And you do not need to be following me nor do you need to follow me now to enter (although if you like my art you are welcome to :3). Each reblog counts as a ticket. End date is on the image above ^

There is one prize. A softshade bust (shoulders up)

OCs and fanart characters welcome!

Try not to spam too many reblogs please!!



Other places you can find me!


everyone should be watching Flesh!!

Anonymous whispered:
Your art is so gorgeous!

omgsh thank you so much >////<



I need to re do my tumblr… >..< But I have no idea how xD lol

Also found sexy Eroge apps now im like OH BABY

Uh commission? xD

Monster high fanart maybe? <3  ;3


Com Adopt: Ocean Slime
Art (c) KyttnXKisaragi
Character(s) (c) Somi
Original: HERE

I remember her. Still one of my favorite adopt designs. This was like a year or so ago <3


we cute n sexy loafs

not loves



Happy loafs

Ok so yes Im really excited for the Kiyomi Haunterly mh doll.

If anyone knows my real name knows right away why.

THIS IS LIKE JAPANESE MINI ME! I mean shes even pastel purples and blues. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Quick Walkie <3

My Lunya and her baby stars. <3

it sucks i wanna draw for everyone to make everyone happy… but i cant

dont have much net till tomorrow so Cteno doodle!!

E.G the eggplant girl. [Nope Im not savvy on names]  She probably gets beat up a lot by others.

Super duper sketchy gross lol