Titties and Wigglies;
Pastel Tentacles;

it sucks i wanna draw for everyone to make everyone happy… but i cant

dont have much net till tomorrow so Cteno doodle!!

E.G the eggplant girl. [Nope Im not savvy on names]  She probably gets beat up a lot by others.

Super duper sketchy gross lol

Born from heartbreak

Something coming soon…

Big Booties are the Best Booties

[I have doodled Tiri soooo much]

Dont leave me alone EVER. lol

Happy Diddling Kytty’s

i get to post dillydongs later!! :D

Batty Baby. She’s a smores with a sweet tooth

i feel like i should re design Marrlow my Smores Bat…

Eggplant Loli ? xD

Who is planning a trip to Florida?! THIS GIRL WITH MAH WAIFU!!

Commission for AlluringCrest <3 I hope you like this sweetie! I had so much fun

Commission piece for someone on FA. <3 her and her hubby.