Titties and Wigglies;
Pastel Tentacles;

Does anyone know how much to charge for comic pages?

Send in Halloween costume/monster ideas!


Then I’ll draw myself as that.

Or maybe Rime’ll make an appearance! 

I wanna try to doodle. So send in ideas with an oc of mine attached; 

Or you could just leave it blank and ill draw Kyttn or myself.


Im tryingggggggggggggg *rolls around* i WILL SPREAD THE GERMS ALL OVER MUHAHAHAH Then I wont be sick.. right? xD


Im still sick as fuck but we dont have any food or essentials in the house… i dont wanna drive 30 min to a store… fml.. i hate being this sick

FEVER KYTT CAN DO ANYTHING … or just run into the door

Ear nibble commission <3

Nameless Oc Ref. She’s a Glower not a Show-er.

New nameless Oc. <3 Wanna help name her?

Credit for the species RaptorSlut

Kyttn stahp

A wip commission

If you guys are curious about what Ive been working on. <3

Honestly guys, right now.. I feel almost empty.

Im gonna try to get up some art but I cant promise itll be any good. Depression is kinda kicking my ass…


Dancing for dem Meat Tubes.

this is relevant right?

Happy Birthday Arlymone

hope she looks ok D:

Dancing for dem Meat Tubes.

Halloween means More UXACHI!