Titties and Wigglies;
Pastel Tentacles;

all the oc trading D: who would want raylune or taeri tho hahaah

omgsh you guys!! I saw these and cried a little bit of happy tears! <3 You watchers of mine are bloody brilliant! <3 

I never thought i was senpaiiiii kjlsdfhkjlshdf *dies of happiness

Adoptables for sale! <3

Both my closed Species. The Impkins and Airinials. <3

Top Two Impkins 8$

Bottom Three Airinials 10$
1. Penguin
2. Meercat  [she kinda derpy with her one eye xD]  SOLD
3. Macaw

1. Love them
2. Dont Re sell them please!
3. Credit me.

If you get one and dont know their lore [yes both species have lore!] I will tell you <3

Im curious…

Can I ask why my watchers are watching me?

Anonymous whispered:
What about the name Marallow for you s'mores bat? Sorry I thought it fit because of the marshmallow.

omg that SOUNDS SO CUTE!!!

*flails* Anon you are genius

Idk what to name her but hey Smores bat babe.

  • Her boobies lactates marshmallows.
  • Likes being burnt.
  • Seeks out Sugary objects and sucks them dry.
  • Very Playful

Idk Ill color her tomorrow.

She squirts Marshmallows.

this is what happens when i have my first artificial Smore… mmmm

an Auctioned off character Im working on right now. Shes an alien thing. Im writing lore on her as I color her.

I hit my 1k mark last night!!


I wanna do a thingy but Idk what kinda thing you guys would wanna see!


Anonymous whispered:
I can't tell exactly what you did differently, but the style you used in that newest sketch of Raylune (how do you pronounce that anyway?) is literally the cutest thing. Like whatever you did different DO IT EVERY TIME cause that style is so much cuter than your regular stuff! SO CUTE *dies*

Ill see what I can do. I dont even really remember drawing that sketch completely. I remember wanting to draw Ghost peens but that’s it.  I think it’s the eyes and facial features that I think stand out the most. What do you think Anon?  And Raylune is pronounced Ray Loon.  <3 If that helps. Thank you by the way! *clings* I get praise!! :D Kyttn likes praises!! :D

ghost cock strikes?

Raylune you dont know where that has been.

i dont feel well at all…

*hides under blankets with ice packs*

Uguu ;w;


What are we going to do with her…

[Vani Im sorry lol Love you <3]

Taeri shes naked again!

A FA commission I did couple days ago. <3 

IM FREE …of commissions!

so what should I do now?